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MediaTek Introduces Advancements in Wi-Fi 7 Tech


With CES 2023 on a roll, we’ve been seeing a lot of terrific new tech products and concepts shown off to the public, all from different brands and OEMs across various industries. As such, MediaTek has spearheaded some rather impressive new Wi-Fi 7 technology, which brings some exciting improvements to look forward to.

The company demonstrated a full ecosystem of production-ready devices which come with full support for its new Wi-Fi 7 ecosystem, making it one of the first companies to showcase hardware compatible with the fastest Wi-Fi tech available at the moment.

The company says that these products come as a result of the company’s research and investment into Wi-Fi 7 technology, with the goal of brining on reliable and always-on connected experiences to consumers, through a wide variety of devices including residential gateways, mesh routers, televisions, streaming devices, portable smart devices, and a lot more.

Wi-Fi 7 utilizes r320MHz channel bandwidth and 4096-QAM modulation to improve overall speeds and user experience. Multi-Link Operation (MLO) also enables Wi-Fi connections to aggregate channel speeds and greatly reduce link interruption in congested environments. According to Alan Hsu, MediaTek’s corporate vice president and general manager of the Intelligent Connectivity Business unit:

“Last year, we gave the world’s first Wi-Fi 7 technology demonstration, and we are honored to now show the significant progress we have made in building a more complete ecosystem of products. This lineup of devices, many of which are powered by the CES 2023 Innovation Award-winning Filogic 880 flagship chipset, illustrates our commitment to providing the best wireless connectivity.”

Following this, several of MediaTek’s hardware partners lauded the new developments, with praise from brands including AMD, Lenovo, ASUS, TP-Link, BUFFALO LINK, Korea Telecom, Hisense, Skyworks, Qorvo, Litepoint, and NI.

MediaTek’s Wi-Fi 7 solution makes use of a 6nm process, responsible for a reduction in power consumption to up to 50%, as well as a 25x reduction in CPU utilization, and 100x lower MLO switch latency. Additionally, 4T5R and penta-band mesh are also included to address a larger area of coverage and higher number of linked devices.

The company also demonstrated several of its products running on its latest Filogic chips, which combine Wi-Fi 7 access point technology to broadband operators, retail router channels and enterprise markets. Additionally, MediaTek’s Filogic 380 chipset is designed to bring Wi-Fi 7 connectivity to all client devices, including TVs, smart devices, and computers.

Source: MediaTek

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