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Google Home app now lets you control more smart home appliances


In the past, if you wanted to control your smart home devices, you would need to use that device’s accompanying app. This can be rather annoying because it would mean having to use multiple apps at once to control different devices, which is why platforms like iOS and Android have since created apps that consolidate all your devices.

Obviously these apps don’t necessarily support every single smart home device out there, but we’re getting there. For those who use Google Home, there are reports from users on Reddit in which these users are discovering that the app can now control additional smart home devices like fans, air purifiers, TVs, and so on.

For some devices like TVs, users are finding that they can control  the volume, mute, and playback. Prior to this, users could already control their devices via the Nest Hub, but given that not all users own a Nest Hub, these changes are probably welcome by those who might prefer using their phones instead of a smart speaker.

It is unclear how many users are seeing these changes as it appears to be quite a limited rollout for now, but presumably with it already rolling out to users, we should expect that it will become more widely available in the coming weeks, so keep an eye out for these changes if you don’t see it yet.

Source: SamMobile

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