The Samsung Galaxy S23 might run cooler than its predecessor


Our phones, just like our computers, can run hot, especially if under heavy processing load like when you’re watching high resolution videos, playing graphics intensive games, or doing something that might require a lot of power like video or image editing.

Since phones do not typically come with fans, handset makers have had to find other ways of cooling their devices. With the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S23, it seems that the company has found a new way to keep the phone running cooler than its predecessor with a new proprietary cooling tech.

This is said to improve the heat dissipation by 1.6 times on the base model, and it will go up more on the higher-end Galaxy S23 models by as much as 2.6 times. This is quite a huge deal because it means that users will be able to enjoy their games on their phone without worrying about it overheating.

Overheating on phones is just as bad as it is on computers. Not only does it potentially lead to damaging of components in the long run, but it can also affect battery life, and it can also hamper performance where users might notice games or apps start to stutter and have lower framerates in their animation as a result.

Source: 91mobiles

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