Huawei might have found a way around its 5G problem


At the moment, pretty much all of Huawei’s smartphones do not come with 5G capabilities. This is largely due to the US government’s blacklisting on the company which prevents Huawei from working with US companies and vice versa, as well as using tech that comes from US-based patents.

This effectively cuts Huawei off from including 5G even in its newer phones. But it looks like Huawei could have potentially found a way around it. In a report from MyDrivers, it seems that Huawei has filed for a patent in China for EUV components and EUV lithography processes.

For those unfamiliar, the lithography process is critical in the production of chips. At the moment, there is basically only one company in the world, ASML, that has the capabilities of making EUV machines. With Huawei filing its own patent, it seems that they might have found a way to make their own EUV machines and even change some of the processes that would allow them to eventually make their own chipsets that are 5G capable.

That being said, these machines are said to be incredibly complex requiring over 100,000 different components. Assuming the patent is granted, it might still be a while before Huawei figures it out and actually puts it to use, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. If Huawei could succeed, it would allow them and other companies from China or other parts of the world to start developing their own chipsets that aren’t reliant on US-based technology or patents.

Source: GizChina

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