Instagram will now let you know if your posts have been shadowbanned


If you’re an average Instagram user that posts stuff for their friends or family, getting your posts or account banned is something might never cross your mind. But for some users who might post risque content or content that might be deemed sensitive, there is a chance that it could violate Instagram’s policies.

As a result, these users might see their posts taken down, or their accounts banned (permanently or temporarily), or in some instances, shadowbanned. For those who feel like they might have been shadowbanned, there is some good news because Instagram will now let creators and business account users know if their posts might be shadowbanned.

For those who are unfamiliar, being shadowbanned is basically where user accounts or posts might be “hidden” from the public and cannot be searched for unless you follow the account already, or if you search for it specifically. The idea is to minimize the exposure.

Prior to this, users who have had their accounts or posts shadowbanned could never really tell for sure, so at the very least this change is good because it brings about transparency to Instagram’s actions. Of course, it still doesn’t change Instagram’s approach, but we suppose knowing is better than not knowing, right?

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