The Samsung Galaxy S22 was hacked twice in a single day


The software on our phones are complicated things because they need to do a lot of functions. As much as companies try to boost and improve on the security of their phones, sometimes things slip through the cracks and it’s not always the fault of companies.

This is because there could be attacks that they would never have thought of, or there could be a combination of factors that they would have never foreseen could happen. That being said, it seems that during a Pwn2Own hacking event held in Austin, Texas, hackers discovered two zero-day exploits in the Samsung Galaxy S22, Samsung’s latest flagship handset.

One of successful hacks was carried out by STAR Labs where they managed to executive an improper input validation attack. Shortly after, another team by the name of Chim discovered yet another zero-day exploit which was also an improper input validation attack. Obviously none of these exploits have since been disclosed and vendors are given the details of the hack so that they can patch it ASAP.

Samsung has not commented on the discovery, but presumably they are aware about it and hopefully they will have a patch that they will issue to Galaxy S22 owners soon.

Source: Forbes

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