Windows 11 to Support Audio Streaming from Android Devices


The beauty of a device ecosystem is that continuity and synchronisation between tasks is made possible through clever hardware and software features – as such, Android users might soon be able to stream audio from their smartphones to Windows 11 PCs, via the Phone Link app.

Originally known as “Your Phone,” the Phone Link app serves a way to a seamless connection between Windows PCs and Android phones. While the feature works best on Samsung Galaxy phones, it has nonetheless been a useful tool in creating a device ecosystem of sorts.

With that said, Microsoft says that users will now be able to “hear and see things shared from your Phone on your PC. Change the device you’d like to stream audio from in Phone Link settings.” This works very similarly to Spotify’s “Connect” feature, which allows you to choose a remote device for listening. Currently, the feature has only appeared for a select number of users, but it doesn’t seem to be active at the moment.

The new feature is only one of many that Microsoft has brought over with its Windows 11 update, the platform’s largest update in a while. If you use Phone Link a lot, you’ll want to stay tuned for more updates regarding this upcoming feature.

Source: Windows Latest

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