Android apps on Windows 11 are about to get a lot better


One of the selling points of Windows 11 is its ability to run Android apps. This means that if you want to use certain Android apps on your computer, you don’t need to get a Chromebook. The good news is that it looks like app performance on Windows is about to get better.

In the latest Windows 11 2022 Update, it looks like Android apps on the platform will be getting a performance boost and is expected to perform 2-3 times faster in terms of graphics, which means that playing Android games on your PC should be a lot better.

The update is also expected to expand the availability of Android apps on Windows. Prior to this, it was only available in beta for the US and Japan, but now it will expand to more countries including Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the UK, just to name a few, that will bring the total number of markets to 31.

It has also been revealed that right now, there are about 20,000 Android apps that are compatible with Windows 11. While this pales in comparison to the actual number of Android apps out there, it is quite a lot as far as PC support is concerned, and we imagine that most users should be able to find what they need.

The Windows 11 2022 Update is being rolled out as we speak, so you should get a notification on your computer in the coming days that an update is available.

Source: Windows Central

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