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Meta to Cancel Smartwatches, Slow Down on Portal Products

Source: Meta

Tech products are an interesting bunch – oftentimes, there’s a formula that will work and prove to be a hit, launching a device into stardom and making it a must-have gadget or accessory in one’s collection. However, it looks like the same can’t be said for Meta’s Portal products, which are reportedly on the way out sometime soon, according to a statement from company executives during a meeting with employees.

It’s reported that the product line has failed to gain any significant market traction, and the company now plans to slowly phase out its smart screen devices, amidst strong competition from the likes of Amazon and Google, as well as concerns about privacy (given Meta’s background on the whole matter. The same goes for the company’s planned smartwatches, which will now be cancelled. On the other hand, things seem to be sailing smooth at the moment for Meta’s other hardware endeavours, such as its VR headset.

This follows recent layoffs made by the tech giant – Meta recently slashed a considerable number of its workforce, with around 11,000 planned lay-offs, amounting to 13 percent of its workforce.

With that said, Portal product owners should be on the look-out for additional announcements regarding the product’s future.

Source: Reuters

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