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Chrome OS could soon allow users to turn screen recordings into GIFs


Screen recording tools aren’t new, and last year, Google introduced the ability for Chrome OS users to make screen recordings natively. The only problem is that these screen recordings were saved in the WebM format, which means that it’s a bit more troublesome to share with others.

This is because WebM was designed for the web and created to better optimize space, so if you’re uploading to the web it’s fine, but it becomes more troublesome if you need to share it directly with others. The good news is that this could change in the future.

This is according to newly discovered code changes in which it appears that Google is making some changes where in the future, users will soon be able to do screen recordings using the Chrome OS native tool and turn it into an animated GIF. Of course, the downside to using a GIF is that there is no sound to it.

This means that if you’re trying to make a presentation or a tutorial with the screen recorder tool, it will not come with sound so any explanations you’re trying to record over the screen recording will not playback. The upside is that saving it as a GIF makes it easier to share as it can be sent and viewed via email or other messenger apps.

There’s no word on when this change will be coming to Chrome OS, but seeing as it appears to be in development, we might have to wait a while before it becomes available.

Source: 9to5Google

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