Qualcomm could be developing a 12-core chipset for PCs


While the use of ARM chipsets for computers isn’t new, it’s safe to say that things in the space really got heated up when Apple launched their Apple Silicon for their Mac computers, showing that computers didn’t necessarily need x86-based chips like those made by Intel or AMD to perform at extremely high levels.

Now, Qualcomm is no stranger to developing chipsets for PCs, but the company could be stepping up their efforts to better compete with Apple, or at least that’s what a tweet by Kuba Wojciechowski claims. According to the tweet, Qualcomm is reportedly developing a 12-core ARM chipset designed with desktops in mind.

This chipset won’t be debuting anytime soon as apparently it will only launch in 2024. It is said to feature 12-cores that consist of 8 performance cores and 4 efficiency cores and are based on the Nuvia Phoenix design. It is also said to feature a similar memory/cache configuration as Apple’s M1 chipset.

Like we said, Qualcomm is no stranger to chipsets designed for computers, but seeing as how Apple is rumored to be working on an Apple Silicon chipset with as many as 40-cores for a future Mac Pro, it isn’t surprise that Qualcomm is trying to up their game and maybe tempt PC makers with this upcoming chipset. Take it with a grain of salt for now, but maybe we may hear more of Qualcomm’s plans at the Snapdragon Summit later this month.

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