Play Store app recommendations will soon focus on higher quality apps


What makes an app a good app? There are many factors to consider, such as the UI design, how fast and responsive it is, and most importantly, does it get the job done? But there are also other things to take into account, such as how well the app is coded and whether or not it freezes or crashes often.

If it does, then it doesn’t matter if it is functional or looks great because who would want to use such a buggy app, right? That’s something that Google is working on in terms of Play Store recommendations, where the company has announced that they will be focusing on recommending apps that are of higher quality

“Android users expect a great experience from the apps and games they download, so we’re making higher-quality titles more visible on the Play Store and steering users away from lower-quality ones. One of the most important ways to boost your app quality and attract more users is to focus on technical quality. To do that, we’re implementing new quality thresholds that better align with the user experience.”

According to Google, some of the thresholds they believe align with the user experience means that across all devices, the user-perceived crash rate cannot be more than 1.09%, or 8% per phone model, while the user-perceived ANR rate cannot be more than 0.47% overall, or 8% per phone model.

This means that if developers want to ensure that their apps are constantly being recommended, they will need to be better at building it, so hopefully moving forwards Android users will be able to expect better quality apps in the Play Store.

Source: Google

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