Uber testing push notifications with ads on its app


Apps with ads are pretty common, especially apps that are free because ads are a good way for developers to earn money. For the most part, most ads aren’t too bad or too intrusive, but it seems that Uber could be pushing the boundaries on that.

According to a variety of user reports shared online, it appears that these users are seeing push notification ads from the Uber app on their phones. While companies advertising their own services makes sense, it seems that these push notification ads are for other businesses or services.

For example, in the tweet above by Michelle Grant, she received a push notification ad for Peloton’s services via the Uber app on her phone. Unsurprisingly, many users are kind of annoyed by this because push notifications are important to the app as it lets users know when their ride is about to arrive or when they receive a message from their driver.

Obviously disabling push notifications would stop this from happening, but it also ends up crippling the app’s functionality to a certain degree. The good news is that this might not be a permanent feature. In a statement to TechCrunch, Uber says that this was a “limited test”, suggesting that maybe not all users were affected and that the feature might not be here to stay.

Either way, hopefully the backlash is enough to convince Uber to shelve their push notification ads plan, but only time will tell.

Source: TechCrunch

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