Oct 25th, 2022

One of the ways you can check on your video feed from your Nest cameras or video doorbells would either be through a smart display or an app on your phone. This is kind of convenient especially when you’re not home, but the good news is that Google is now expanding on it.

The company has announced that they have launched the Google Home app on the web, which means that moving forwards, those with Nest cameras or video doorbells will actually be able to watch their video feeds from a browser on their computer. This is perfect if you’re home and at your computer, so you don’t need to pull out your phone to check who is at the door.

“This week, we’ll be rolling out a Google Home update on home.google.com that lets you view your Nest camera and doorbell feeds on the web. You can easily check in on live views in full screen, zoom in to see more details, view camera status, and more all from your web browser. Google Home for web will be available as a preview as we continue to work on improving it and adding more popular camera features.”

Google had actually previously announced this feature back in 2021 and it looks like the company has finally brought it to the market, so if you own a Nest device with a camera, this feature could be worth checking out.

Source: Google Nest Community

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