Oct 25th, 2022

As far as 2022 is concerned, Google is done with launching Pixels for the year (at least that’s what we assume based on history). But now according to a report from 91mobiles together with tipster Kuba Wojciechowski, it seems that a new, mysterious Pixel handset has been identified.

According to the report, a Pixel G10 handset has been spotted but at the moment, not much is known about the device. The report claims that it will apparently use the same 6.7-inch display as the Pixel 7 Pro but will also have a resolution of 3120 x 1440. It is also reported that BOE will apparently be the supplier of the displays for the phone.

Like we said, not much else is known about the handset, so as to what this phone could be is unclear. While there have been rumors about Google building a foldable Pixel, this is probably not it. We did hear rumors about a Pixel Ultra, so maybe this could be it, but 91mobiles claims that the device is most likely an early prototype unit of the Pixel 8 that will launch in 2023.

Either way, maybe don’t put too much stock into this until Google actually unveils the device (if and when they do), but we’ll be keeping a close eye on things and maybe we’ll have more information about it in the near future.

Source: 91mobiles

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