Bixby will soon make it easier for you to “talk” on the phone even when you’re busy


Most smartphones have a feature where when you receive a call, you can reject it and send a text message letting the person know that you’re busy and unable to attend to the call. But what if it’s an important call? If you own a Samsung phone with Bixby, then an upcoming feature could actually be really useful.

During the SDC 2022 event, Samsung announced a new feature for Bixby that they’re calling Text Call. This is expected to be part of the upcoming One UI 5.0 update and basically what it does is that users can answer text calls by typing a message. This message will be converted to speech and shared with the caller, and whatever the caller says will then be converted into text so that you can see what they’re saying even if you can’t hear it.

This will be useful in scenarios where you cannot answer a call but don’t want to reject it either. Samsung has given an example scenario like when you’re on public transport or at a concert and answering a call might be awkward or rude. If this feature sounds familiar, it is because Google has similar-ish features for its Pixel phones like Direct My Call and Call Screening, but it’s good to see that it will be making its way to Samsung phones as well.

At the moment, Bixby’s Text Call feature is only available in South Korea, but the company expects that support for English will arrive in early 2023.

Source: SamMobile

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