Valve Finally Updates its Steam Mobile App


As with a lot of gaming platforms nowadays, Valve’s Steam marketplace is no stranger to integrating mobile and PC features to help gamers pick out new games and manage their library and use social connectivity features. With that said, Valve has finally introduced new updates to its Steam mobile app, which brings some much-needed improvements.

For one, there are new and major updates to the in-app layout and user interface. The app will now give users a full library view, alongside game screenshots, access to walkthroughs, forums and community features, which are categorized by title. The app will also let users keep an eye on their downloads for PC and Steam Deck in real-time.

The Steam app now comes with QR code functionality for Steam Guard. This makes logging in a bit easier as you’ll no longer need to input your username and password when logging in via the PC client, and you can instead just scan a QR code with your smartphone or tablet to sign in. According to Valve, new features will gradually be added, including refinements to the notification features, as well as QR code sign-in for Steam Deck.

Users can now head over the Google Play Store to check for updates to the app.

Source: Eurogamer

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