BMW is bringing casual gaming to its cars


Perhaps one of the more novel aspects of a Tesla vehicle would be its ability to play games on the massive dashboard. Obviously it’s not meant to be used while driving, but the option is there for drivers who are parked and are waiting for someone, or for kids sitting in the backseat to entertain themselves.

It looks like Tesla won’t be the only car maker to have such a feature because it looks like BMW is hopping on board that bandwagon too. The company has recently announced their plans to add AirConsole to its vehicles, giving users the ability to play games in their car by utilizing the dashboard’s display.

For those unfamiliar, AirConsole is kind of like a streaming service for games and has over 180 titles in its library. One of the upsides is that you can use your smartphone as the controller, meaning that as long as your phone is on your person, you’re good to go. The games obviously won’t be AAA type of titles, but they should still be fun and easy to access for a quick round or two if you’re merely looking to pass the time.

That being said, not all BMW owners will have the luxury of playing games in their cars. Right now, it will only be available in the company’s new 7-series and subsequent models released after that. Obviously this isn’t going to be a make-or-break feature that influences the decision of someone looking to buy a car, but for those who plan to buy a BMW or own the new 7-series, it’s a nice bonus feature.

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