Google will support the Pixel Watch until 2025


While the specs and features of a device are important, its support after you buy the device is just as important. For Android devices, we are usually looking at about 3 years worth of updates, depending on the manufacturer, and it seems that the same can be said about Google’s latest smartwatch.

Google announced the Pixel Watch at its event last week and according to a support document discovered by Redditor u/sirparanoid, it seems that Google is promising at least 3 years worth of updates for its brand new smartwatch up until October 2025.

Now, judging by the comments on the post, it seems that there are a number of users who aren’t too thrilled by the length of the update. This is because 3 years is apparently shorter than what Samsung offers its own smartwatches, and also shorter than competitors like Apple who typically support their devices for about 5 years or longer.

We’re not sure why the Pixel Watch’s support is only for 3 years. It is possible that this could be due to the chipset of choice that Google has gone for, which is actually not a new chipset per se and is several years old, so maybe Google doesn’t think it can support updates beyond 3 years.

That being said, these are guaranteed updates. It is also possible that Google could continue supporting the Pixel Watch once those 3 years are up, but it’s hard to say.

Source: Android Police

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