GEEKOM is celebrating its 19th anniversary with awesome deals across its mini PC lineup


One of the advantages that PCs might have over other platforms is that you have a variety of different hardware to choose from. If you need a massive rig with the best airflow possible, you can build it. If you need a powerful machine for gaming with liquid cooling, no problem. If you wanted something super small but functional, you’ve got it.

Now, for those who are looking for mini ITX builds that they can easily tuck away behind a monitor, mount under their desk, or place under their TVs, GEEKOM’s mini PCs might be worth checking out.

The company is known for creating mini PCs that are small, affordable, and most importantly, functional. But don’t let its size fool you because despite its small stature, some of GEEKOM’s mini PCs are pretty powerful, like its Mini IT11 PC which features the use of an 11th Gen Intel Core processor that can be configured in i5 or i7 CPU options.

They are also very affordable, so if you don’t need anything too demanding and maybe just want a PC that can act as a streaming box for your TV, there is the MiniAir 11. There are also stylish options like the MiniAir 11 Special Edition if you want your PC to look a little bit more special.

The best part is that right now to celebrate the company’s 19th anniversary, GEEKOM is running a deal across its various PCs where you can save as much $150, so if you’re looking for a new mini PC build, then these deals are most definitely worth checking out.

GEEKOM 19th Anniversary deals

Products Configure List Price Deal Price Coupon Code
GEEKOM Mini IT8 i5 16+512 $414 $399 19thIT8i5
GEEKOM Mini IT8 i3 8+256 $299 $259 19thIT8i3
GEEKOM MiniAir 11 8+256 $229 $199 19thAIR11
GEEKOM MiniAir11 Special 8+256 $279 $249 19thAIR11BOX
GEEKOM Mini IT11 i5-1155 16+512 $549 $509 19thIT11
GEEKOM Mini IT11 i7-1195 16+512 $649 $599 19thIT11
GEEKOM Mini IT11 i5-1135 16+512 $549 $509 19thIT11
GEEKOM Mini IT11 i7-1165 16+512 $629 $579 19thIT11
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