Oct 4th, 2022

According to a recent Best Buy sighting, it appeared that Google had a new Nest Doorbell device in the works. It was largely expected that the device would be announced at the company’s Pixel event this Thursday, but it looks like perhaps due to the leak, Google has opted to announce it ahead of the event.

For those unfamiliar, Google launched its first video doorbell back in 2017 where at that time, it was known as the Nest Hello Doorbell. With this new model, it seems that Google has dropped the “Hello” from the name, simply opting to call it the Nest Doorbell. It also features a similar design to 2021’s battery-powered Nest Doorbell.

While the design is similar, there are changes made under the hood. For starters, it offers a “taller and enhanced camera view” which allows the camera to capture a head to toe view of people in front of it. It also uses AI to alert users to packages at their door or if it recognizes faces like friends or family members.

That being said, keep in mind that this particular model is a wired model which means that you may need to hire an electrician to get it setup. Users will also need a Nest Aware subscription if they want access to additional features like 3 hours of event alerts and to look back on 10 days of continuous history.

The second-gen Nest Doorbell is priced at $179.99 and users who are interested can pre-order it from Google’s website.

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