Nest Secure, Hello video doorbell, and Cam IQ Outdoor officially announced


After getting their feet wet with web cams, Nest is now diving headfirst into home security with a handful of new products designed to make your home safer, smarter, and more secure than ever.

Nest Secure

Today Nest announced their new Nest Secure system, a family of devices that look to make home security more simple and connected than ever. Nest Guard acts as the main alarm system and it’s a modern take on the keypad alarm most people have attached to their wall. Guard monitors motion activity wherever it is placed (ideally near the main entrance) and there are buttons on top that can be pressed to disarm the alarm system — both audible alarms and those sent to your phone via the app — via your own key code.

You can also disarm the alarm using NFC on your phone, or Nest Tags, small key fobs you can give your kids or guests and even set them up to only allow access for specific/limited times. Nest Detect are magnetic door sensors, only these ones stay connected to your Nest Secure system via wireless mesh technology, Weave, and can even be used as standalone motion detectors, so they’re pretty robust.

Everything is being sold individually — Detect for $60 a piece, Tags for $25 — or you can get the Nest Secure starter pack which includes a little bit of everything (1 Guard, 2 Detects, 2 Tags) for $500. Nest will also be offer professional home monitoring and alarm response via Moni, a 3rd part provider.

Pre-orders for Nest Secure kick off today, where it will officially be available in the US this November. Canada and Europe, on the other hand, will have to wait until next year.

Pre-order Nest Secure

Nest Hello

Video doorbells are a big part of home security, and Nest is finally jumping on the bandwagon with the Nest Hello. It’s pretty much a high-end video doorbell with advanced features like Nest’s person detection and facial recognition. Hello is outfitted with a 160-degree wide angle lens that records HDR HD video with a 4:3 aspect ratio to capture more of everything.

It connects to your smartphone using Bluetooth LE and integrated microphone/speaker lets you communicate with whoever is outside. Features like Nap Time mode (to silence the doorbell at specific times) and Quick Response (you can pre-record phrases like “leave package at the door, please”) are also nice touches and really separates the Hello from the plethora of other video doorbells floating around Amazon.

The Hello doesn’t have an official release date yet and you can’t even pre-order it yet. Nest says it’s coming sometime in early 2018 but failed to mention pricing. We’re guessing it’s going to be on the higher end of the spectrum once it becomes available for purchase.

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Nest Cam IQ Outdoor

A followup to the Nest Cam IQ Indoor, Cam IQ Outdoor is a more rugged, weatherproof model for outside the home.

The IQ comes with advanced features like facial recognition, zoom and track, daytime HDR, and features an IP66 rating and integrated speaker for HD voice (both talk and listen). It’s definitely not your run-of-the-mill home security camera.

At $350 — it better not be. You can pre-order the Nest Cam IQ Outdoor via the link below.

Pre-order Nest IQ Cam Outdoor

via Nest

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