Oct 4th, 2022

One of the things we love about the Google Nest WiFi system is that it is small and unobtrusive, making it ideal for users who need to place multiple units around their home but don’t want it to get in the way or make it seem too obvious.

But if you’ve always felt that Google’s Nest WiFi routers were lacking compared to the competition, then you will be pleased to learn that Google has since announced its latest model with upgraded features in the form of the Google Nest WiFi Pro.

With the Pro model, Google has finally brought support for WiFi 6E to its Nest WiFi routers, offering the higher speeds and coverage that are normally associated with WiFi 6E. Google has also made the Nest WiFi Pro smarter, claiming that the router can monitor the network by itself and solve common issues so that as far as users are concerned, they should be able to enjoy whatever they’re doing online without any interruptions.

It can also manage network performance and will also be smart enough to prioritize certain activities over others, like giving users more bandwidth when they’re on a video call, helping to load websites faster, and so on. Users can also create a separate guest network, enable parental controls, and more.

If you’re keen on the new Nest WiFi Pro, it is currently available for pre-order from Google’s website where it is priced at $199.99 for the single-pack, $299.99 for the double pack, or $399.99 for the triple pack.

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