New Pixel Watch leak confirms its battery life


Many have made fun of the Apple Watch and its battery life, especially compared to other smartwatches that offer days, if not weeks of battery life like the recently-announced OnePlus Nord Watch.

If you were hoping Google’s upcoming Pixel Watch could show up the Apple Watch, you might be disappointed. We have heard rumors that the upcoming Google Pixel Watch could feature all-day battery life, and by that we mean around 24 hours, and thanks to a recent leak, it looks like those rumors could be true, according to 9to5Google’s latest report.

The latest leaks come from a Telegram channel called “Google News” (which obviously isn’t official) in which they claim to have gotten the images off a Taiwanese carrier’s website. In one of the images, it is revealed that the Pixel Watch will have up to 24 hours of battery, which corroborates some of the earlier claims.

Now, as to whether or not 24 hours is good enough will depend on individuals. If you’re someone who doesn’t mind charging their watch daily/nightly and don’t plan to use it for sleep tracking, it’s not an issue. If you’re someone who hates charging their smartwatch, then maybe the Pixel Watch might not be the smartwatch for you.

Either way, we’ll have all the official details this Thursday at Google’s Pixel event, so make sure to check back with us on that day for more information.

Source: 9to5Google

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