Oct 3rd, 2022

Battery anxiety can be an issue for those who are new to smartwatches. After all, if you’re coming from more traditional timepieces, charging is something that is pretty much unheard of, with some mechanical watches actually never needing to be charged or have its battery changed.

That being said, if battery life is a high priority for you when it comes to smartwatches, then you might be interested to learn that OnePlus has officially announced its latest smartwatch, the OnePlus Nord Watch. We had previously heard that OnePlus was working on the device, and now it is official.

The watch features a 1.78-inch AMOLED display with a 60Hz refresh rate. It has a built-in heart rate sensor, an SpO2 monitor, IP68 rating, workout tracking for 105 exercise types, and it will also come with a 230mAh battery which when low-power mode has been activated, is rated for up to 30 days. If you were to use it normally and track your workouts, OnePlus estimates that users should be able to get 10 days out of it.

It’s not the most feature-rich smartwatch we’ve seen and it’s rather basic, but thankfully you won’t be overpaying for it. OnePlus has priced the OnePlus Nord Watch at $60 as its introductory price, and will go up to $85 later on. This isn’t too bad of a price for those who aren’t looking for anything too fancy, so if you’re keen, head on over to the company’s website for the details.

Source: GSMArena

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