WhatsApp introduces call links to make it easier to join voice and video calls


During the start of the pandemic, Zoom quickly rose to fame and more or less dominated the video conferencing platform. This is because unlike other messenger apps that required users to sign up for an account to use it, Zoom allowed users to host meetings that anyone with a link could join, even if they had no account.

This was useful for schools, businesses, or individuals who wanted a relatively fuss-free user experience. Now it looks like WhatsApp has finally hopped on board the bandwagon. In an announcement by the head of WhatsApp, Will Cathcart, the company is introducing call links on its platform.

What this means is that in the future, users can simply host a voice or video call and then copy the link to the call and share it with other users. With this link, users can click on it and it’ll let them join the call instantly, which might be particularly useful if you’re trying to invite users who might not necessarily be in your contacts.

It will also be useful for hosts because it means that they can continue hosting the voice or video call and won’t have to stop halfway to add users into the call. WhatsApp is a bit late to the party with this feature, but given the billions of users who rely on the platform everyday, we suppose better late than never!

Tyler Lee
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