Sep 27th, 2022

When Microsoft first launched the Surface Duo, it was an interesting approach to the foldable phone form factor. Instead of opting for an actual foldable display, the company  created a phone with two displays and a hinge that would fold it open and shut, which we suppose would be a cheaper alternative to foldable displays and could in theory last longer.

But it seems that with the Surface Duo 3, Microsoft could finally be adopting actual foldable displays. This is according to recently discovered patents in which Microsoft appears to have patented a smartphone that looks like the Surface Duo, except with an actual foldable display.

We should point out that patents don’t necessarily translate into actual products for a variety of reasons. It could be that Microsoft might be simply trying to protect a design, or it could be that Microsoft tests such a design internally and realizes that it won’t work for them, so whether or not this patent could hint at the design of the Surface Duo 3 is hard to say.

It is unclear when Microsoft will unveil the device. The company recently put out a statement saying that the Surface Duo series has not been discontinued. Some are speculating that Microsoft may actually unveil a new device at an upcoming event in October where they usually announce new Surface products, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

Source: ITHome

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