Sep 21st, 2022

There are different versions of WiFi, in case you did not know. Each version comes with various improvements to things like coverage, speed, and so on, so obviously the newer the version, the better the specs it will have. Of course, you will need a device that can support it to begin with.

While WiFi 6 is still more or less the standard these days (along with the various iterations), WiFi 7 is expected to become the standard in the future and it looks like the Samsung Galaxy S24 could be the first phone in the market to actually support it right out of the box.

WiFi 7 is expected to launch in 2024 and will come with features like being able to use the 300MHz channels with the support of 4K quadrature amplitude modulation technology, and offer speeds up to 2.4x faster compared to its predecessor while using the same number of antennas.

It is said that it will be able to hit theoretical speeds of up to 30Gbps, or maybe even going as fast at 40Gbps, but like we said, there is no use for these improvements to its speeds if devices cannot support it. For those who are holding out for the Galaxy S24, then we guess you will be futureproofed for a while.

That being said, 2024 is more than a year away so we imagine that a lot of things could change between now and then, so don’t put too much faith into these claims for now.

Source: SamMobile

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