Check out this hands-on review of LG’s rollable smartphone that never came to pass


A few years ago, LG announced that their next phone would be a rollable phone, setting themselves apart from other companies like Samsung who were forging ahead with foldable displays. But not too long after, LG announced that they would be exiting the smartphone market and the rollable phone was essentially canceled.

For those wondering what the phone could have looked like and how it might have functioned, it appears that a Korean YouTuber has managed to get his hands on a near-finished version of the handset, which he alleges was borrowed from LG employees for the purpose of the video.

We have to say this is one handset we are sad that did make it to market. Even the unboxing of the phone itself was very clever and played into the rollable phone’s design. One of the benefits of a rollable handset is that it looks considerably thinner compared to its foldable competitors, and for the most part it still retains the smartphone look.

The phone itself unfurls with a swiping gesture on the screen and transforms itself from a phone to a tablet, giving users more screen real estate to work with. LG also appears to have customized the UI of the phone’s software so that it can expand and shrink according to the display to give users a more optimized layout.

It is a pity that the LG rollable never made it to the market as it looks pretty cool, but we do have some concerns regarding the mechanism and the longevity of such a device, but who knows, maybe Samsung could pick up where LG left off some day.

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