Realme is already looking to copy Apple’s Dynamic Island feature


Even if you hate Apple, you have to admit that the company’s Dynamic Island feature for its new iPhone 14 Pro smartphones is pretty clever. Instead of shying away from the front camera cutout, the company leaned into it and created something that would offer up more utility.

So much so that we can’t say we’re surprised to learn that Realme has decided that they want to implement something similar. The company has announced a Creators’ Challenge for what they are calling the “realme Island”, where they are looking for creators to come up with potential ways that would leverage the front camera cutout on its phones and turn it into something more functional.

According to the company:

“What is realme UI added a software trick to turn the camera cutout into a multifunctional feature? The UI around the camera hole could morph into different shapes and sizes to display incoming phone calls, alerts, notifications, and more.

Finding this idea quite appealing, we at realme have decided to turn to our loyal fans for ideas and suggestions on how such a software feature could be implemented on realme devices.”

Creators who are interested in taking part in this challenge can find out more details on the company’s website. The company does not say that winners will have their ideas implemented, but rather it will be taken into consideration for possible implementation in the future.

Source: Gadgets 360

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