Grab A Genuine Lifetime Windows 10 license for just $12 and Windows 11 $21 in Sept Sale!


Are you looking for a new copy of Windows? School is starting again soon so if you’re looking to put together a new machine for school or maybe just to game or maybe for work, then you’re in luck.

This is because the good folks over at have announced their Back to School sale where you can grab genuine lifetime licenses for Windows 10 for as low as $12, or if you want to upgrade to Windows 11, it will only cost you $21! When you think about how much Microsoft is selling a retail copy, then you know that these prices are simply unbeatable.

The best part is that if you use the VIPPH coupon code upon checkout, you’ll be able to save an additional 30%, so what are you waiting for?

Why buy from VIP Key Sale?

Now, some of you might be looking at the prices VIP Key Sale is offering for genuine copies of Windows 10, Windows 11, and Office and wonder how on earth are they so cheap compared to what Microsoft is selling on its website?

Some of you might even be wondering if it’s too good to be true, and whether or not this is the genuine article. You can absolutely rest assured that it is. This is because what VIP Key Sale is selling is an OEM license.

OEM licenses are licenses sold to computer manufacturers so that they can install full functional copies of Windows on the computers they make. If computer makers were to pay full price, they would be discouraged from installing Windows, so Microsoft usually offers OEM licenses at much cheaper rates.

There is one major disadvantage to an OEM license and that is it is usually tied to the motherboard of the PC you’re installing it on. This makes it difficult to remove and install it on another PC (not impossible, but it can be a hassle). This is versus retail licenses where you can easily migrate licenses to different PCs.

Thankfully, at the prices VIP Key Sale is selling its Windows and Office licenses, you can just as easily buy a new license and it would still be cheaper than a retail copy.

Buy and install your OEM copy of Windows

  1. Click on any of VIP Key Sale’s links above
  2. On the product page, click on the Buy Now button to add it to your cart
  3. Before you submit and pay for your order, make sure you enter the VIPPH coupon code in the coupon text field to apply an additional 30% savings
  4. Click on Submit Order
  5. Choose your method of payment and key in the payment details
  6. When the transaction successfully goes through, you should receive your Windows or Office OEM license in the same email address you provided
  7. Now on your computer, click the Start Menu and go to Settings
  8. Select Update & Security
  9. Click Activate Windows or Change Product Key
  10. Enter the license code that you just received in your email and you should now have a genuinely activated version of Windows on your computer
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