Google Play Store customer reviews will now be specific to your device


When you read app reviews on the Play Store, you don’t know what kind of device that person might be using. After all, is it a fair or relevant review if someone rated a game poorly because they are playing it on a much older handset compared to a newer one? Or an app whose UI might be better optimized for larger screens but is being used on a smaller screen?

The good news is that app reviews in the Play Store will now be relevant to the device you’re using. This means that in the future, the reviews you see will be reviews by other users who have the same type of device you use and who are in your region. This means that the reviews will be more relevant and you will have a better idea of what that user is talking about.

Google had actually announced this new feature to the Play Store back in 2021, but stated that it would only be rolling out in 2022, so it looks like it took the company about a year to implement the change. While users had to wait a long time, we suppose it’s better late than never and it is a pretty cool feature and will make app reviews more important than before.

The change should be live for all users but if you want to check, just launch the Play Store and you should see a notice in the “Ratings and review” section informing you that the scores you’re seeing are from other users who are using the same type of device as you.

Source: Android Police

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