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Withings unveils new Body Comp smart scale for better health monitoring


It has been suggested that weighing oneself consistently could potentially help one maintain their weight loss journey. There are so many weighing scales out there to choose from, but if you want a weighing scale that can do more than just tell you your weight, then perhaps you might want to take a look at the Withings Body Comp.

Withings is no stranger when it comes to smart scales, and the Body Comp is its latest addition to the company’s lineup. Like we said, most scales can do the basics like tell you your weight, and some might even offer up an approximation of your body fat percentage, but with the Body Comp, Withings claims that users will be able to get data like weight, muscle mass, fat mass, water percentage, bone mass, BMI, and even visceral fat.

These are actually important measurements because when it comes to getting healthy, weight doesn’t tell the entire story. For example, bodybuilders might be more concerned with muscle mass, while a person trying to simply lose weight might focus more on body fat percentage.

The Body Comp is also capable of making cardiovascular and nerve assessments, giving you more data about yourself to help you decide if you need to change up your workout or if it might be time to seek professional help.

In addition to the Body Comp, Withings has also announced its new Health+ service that will unlock additional features in the Health Mate app. It will unlock a deeper analysis of the data from the Body Comp scale and users will be able to log their food, mood, and sleep. It will also be able to provide users with daily plans to help them achieve their goal, and can also provide data that will help users improve their efforts.

The Withings Body Comp will be available for purchase on the 4th of October and is priced at $209.95 which will also include a 12-month subscription to Health+.

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