Philips Hue unveils new light strips that adds lights to your monitor


Some of the more premium gaming monitors like those made by Samsung and Alienware come with lights built into the back of them. This is designed so that when you’re gaming, the lights will reflect off your wall and add a nice glow, and sometimes these lights can also be synced up with your in-game environment for that added immersiveness.

If you do not happen to own such a monitor, don’t worry because Signify has unveiled brand new Philips Hue light strips that have been designed to be flexible enough where you can actually mount it behind your monitor, giving you a similar effect in the process and offering up almost similar functionality as well.

These light strips come in two sizes, one of which will play nicely with monitors ranging from 24-27 inches and is priced at $169.99, and the other is for larger 32-34 inch monitors and will cost $189.99. These lights will play nice with the Play Sync box from Philips Hue and will also work with Corsair’s iCue, so you should be able to sync up your lights with your games.

It’s actually a little surprising to see the collaboration with Corsair, but if it means that it opens up more possibilities for owners, it’s a good thing. The light strips are expected to go on sale on the 13th of September, so keep an eye out for them if it’s something you might be interested in.

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