Edit Button comes to Twitter Blue Subscribers


It finally happened. 

In a surprising announcement, Twitter has announced that it is internally testing the edit button and its implementation for Twitter Blue Subscribers. Twitter acknowledged in its most recent blog post that the edit button has been one of its most requested features since the birth of the platform. Twitter reassures users that while the edit button will be coming to Twitter Blue subscribers only, everyone will be able to see an edited tweet. 

Twitter has teased that it will look something like this 

This is an edited Tweet. we're testing it. In blue there is a small blue pencil with the words beside it Last edited 8:55 AM - 09/01/22 - Twitter for iPhone with 4 likes and the tradition bubble for replying, retweeing, liking and sharing below

Source: Twitter

What will the edit button do?

While the final details are to be decided as they do more testing, the concept is that users will have a space of 30 minutes to edit their tweets. This gives users a controlled time to go in and add tags, and fix typos as well as other minor edits. Edited Tweets will then have a unique icon which identifies that they have been edited and will also possess version control with timestamps. This way, you can see exactly when things were changed and what was changed within it. 

Who gets to test it?

Right now, testing will be rolled out country by country in order to have a small number of users test it with feedback in order to get ahead of any potential bugs, issues, or applications where it can be abused. Twitter has yet to announce which country will be getting the edit button first. But when its announced, you can be sure we’ll let you know here first.

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