OffGlobal Teases New Nokia Laptops


A while back, we mentioned that Nokia partnered with Off Global, a French start-up that specializes in the production of laptop computers, as part of Nokia’s new strategy to release laptops under the Nokia PureBook branding. As such, Off Global CEO David Garcia finally gave fans an official presentation timeline, scheduled for September 2-6 during IFA 2022.

Not much details about the laptops themselves were mentioned in the Twitter post, other than the date and details for the presentation. It’s predicted that the device line-up will include the Nokia PureBook Lite 15, Nokia PureBook Lite 14, Nokia PureBook Fold 14, Nokia PureBook Pro 17 and Nokia PureBook Pro 15.

As a matter of fact, there are already two Nokia-branded PureBook laptops scheduled for release in select regions. Available in 15 and 17-inch versions, the laptops feature entry-level hardware specs, and run on Intel Core i3 processors paired with 8GB of RAM, and come with IPS displays.

IFA ranks among the top international trade shows for technology and consumer electronics, with several tech brands from all the world over flying over to Berlin to show off their latest hardware and software products at the event.

Be sure to tune in to our IFA 2022 coverage in the next coming days.

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