Samsung shows how they build and test their foldable phones


When the first Samsung foldable launched, we were skeptical that it would never go past the novelty stage. The first Galaxy Z Fold was riddled with durability issues, with people damaging the display, the hinges catching dust and breaking, and so on, but over the years, Samsung has improved on the durability of its foldables.

In fact, if you’re curious as to what goes on behind the making of one of Samsung’s foldables, you’re in luck because Samsung has published a video showing how they test their foldable phones.

In the video above, it shows the manufacturing process of Samsung’s phones, like how the back cover is placed and installed, followed by the testing of the display and how the phone responds to features like the S Pen and Samsung Pay, and then there is also the durability test where Samsung checks the water-resistance of its phones, how often it can fold and unfold, and also the side buttons.

It’s an interesting video, although we imagine it’s more of marketing material rather than a true behind-the-scenes, but if you’re curious about what goes on when a phone is being manufactured, it’s still a pretty good watch all the same.

Source: Samsung

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