Samsung is outpacing Apple in the smartwatch market


Apple has very strong branding, so it’s not uncommon to see an Apple Watch strapped to the wrist of someone. But for those not in Apple’s ecosystem, you have a lot more options to choose from, which is great, but it also makes it difficult for any single company to truly command the market the way Apple does.

According to the latest data by Counterpoint Research, it seems that Samsung could actually be doing it. The data has revealed that Samsung’s smartwatch market share has actually outgrown that of Apple, where Samsung commanded 7.4% back in Q2 2021, but now commands 9.2% in Q2 20022, representing bigger year-on-year growth.

Image credit – Counterpoint Research

Apple on the other hand actually saw a drop in market share from 30.6% to 29.3%. While Samsung’s growth appears to be outpacing that of Apple’s, they are still very far behind from catching up and unless Samsung does something drastic or Apple makes a mistake, we’re not sure if this gap will ever close.

The Apple Watch Series 7 launched last year and it was quite a lukewarm reception, largely due to the fact that it did not feature any massive upgrades in features or design over its predecessor. The Series 8 could change that which means that Apple has a chance of pulling further ahead.

That being said, Samsung did launch the Galaxy Watch 5 and Watch 5 Pro and are running some pretty aggressive promotions to get people to buy it, so maybe that could help as well.

Source: Counterpoint Research

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