Google Gives Updates on its New “Meet” App


A couple of months ago, we mentioned that Google will be making major changes to its Meet and Duo communication platforms, and will be merging them into one primary app. Essentially, Google will be bringing over features from Meet – which was introduced back in 2020 – and combining them with Duo for a single, fully-integrated video-calling and communication service.

With that said, Google has recently announced some new developments regarding this move. The new upgrades will provide users with access to new features which include virtual backgrounds, in-meeting chats, and meeting schedules, to name a few. Users will be able to initiate a video call with a group, either instantaneously or at a recurring set time.

Google Meet will also feature Live Sharing, which will let participants interact with content such as YouTube videos, Spotify playlists, and even while playing board games and such.

Google says that these new features have been gradually rolled out to the Duo app, and users should now start to see the Duo app name and icon update to Google Meet. The upgrade will take place throughout the month initially for mobile phones, tablets, and will roll out at a later date for other devices.

Users can expect their existing Meet app and icon will change to Google Meet (original), and they’ll be able to continue using the app as normal. Google does recommend using the updated Meet app to get the full array of video meeting and call features.

Source: Google

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