Aug 11th, 2022

Amazon Prime Video is one of the leading streaming services with a number of binge-worthy TV shows and entertaining movies. It has one special feature called Watch Party that allows people to watch a particular movie/TV show with their family and friends even if they are at different locations within the same country.

Watch Party lets you become the host of the party and invite your friends (up to 100 members). It should be noted that all invited members should have a valid Prime Video account. It allows everyone at the watch party to chat with each other via text. The best part is they can also control the media playback. 

Steps to use Amazon Prime Video Watch Party:

  1. Visit Amazon Prime Video on the web browser (excluding Internet Explorer and Safari) or launch the smartphone app.
  2. Search for the movie/TV show that you want a watch party for. Click on the title to access the information page.

  3. Click the Watch Party option which is represented by a confetti celebration icon.

  4. Enter your chat name for the watch party and click the Create Watch Party option.
  5. Click the Share Link options to get options for sharing the watch party link with others.

  6. You can then choose to copy the URL or share it with friends via email, Facebook, or Twitter.

  7. Switch to the Chat tab to start chatting with your invited friends.

  8. If you wish to end the watch party, switch to the Settings tab and click the End Watch Party option.

This is how you can use the Amazon Prime Video Watch Party feature with ease. It works on a wide range of supported devices including PC, smartphone apps, and Fire TV.

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