Aug 11th, 2022

The way software updates work is that the older the device, the lower the chance that you will get the newest features, especially if your device is no longer supported. But the good news is that Google isn’t completely ready to abandon older Android phones.

As discovered by’s Mishaal Rahman, it appears that Google could be looking to backport an Android 13 feature in the form of Photo Picker. For those unfamiliar, Google describes the feature as such:

“Android 13 (API level 33) includes support for a new photo picker tool. This tool provides a safe, built-in way for users to select media files, without needing to grant your app access to their entire media library. […] The photo picker provides a browsable, searchable interface that presents the user with their media library, sorted by date (from newest to oldest). You can specify that users should see only photos or only videos, and the maximum number of media selections allowed by default is set to 1.”

Now obviously with this being an Android 13 feature, Google actually rolled out support to devices running on Android 11, Android 12, and Android 12L, but it looks like the company could be going back further and could introduce support on devices not even running on Android 11.

We’re not sure how far back Google plans on going, but the API level was 28 which is associated with Android 9, so maybe that’s as far as Google plans to support. Nothing has been confirmed yet, but it could be good news for those who are still holding onto their older smartphones.

Source: Android Police

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