Mod Seemingly Allows the Pixel 6a to Run at 90Hz


The Pixel 6a’s release has been met with bountiful amounts of adoration and criticism, with a majority of the latter targeted at the device’s lack of a high refresh rate on its display. Being an A-series device, there were obviously some features that Google had to cut back on to bring down the price a bit, which included equipping a low refresh rate display on the phone (60hz, to be precise).

With that in mind, it seems that a new mod has made it possible for the Pixel 6a to run at a higher 90Hz refresh rate, similar to its more premium sibling, the Pixel 6. As highlighted in a report by the folks over at XDA Developers, An online post from twitter user @TheLunarixus shows a Pixel 6a running on 90Hz thanks to some software wizardry.

The experience doesn’t seem to be uniform though, as attempts by @MishaalRahman were unsuccessful in getting the same results, stating that the process does include some caveats, although he did mention that the mod itself is a legitimate process.

Such drawbacks are of course a natural part of the entire modding process, and invokes several possible outcomes that could result from tweaking a smart device. With that said though, this new development should at least factor in the entire “refresh rate” discussion surrounding the Pixel 6a, and whether or not such criticisms of the feature hold value.

Source: XDA Developers

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