Discord is giving its Android app the respect it deserves


Sometimes developers create apps for mobile simply because there is a demand for them, but they don’t always approach it properly. Some might create an app that does the bare minimum, and some just try to repackage a web UI into an app and call it a day.

For a while, Discord on Android has always felt that way, but the good news is that the company is finally giving its Android app its much-deserved respect by announcing that they will be overhauling it and rewriting the Android app in React Native. According to Discord:

“Switching to React Native for the Android app means an experience that is ever-improving at a more rapid pace across every platform Discord is available on, while still retaining Android and iOS specific patterns in the UI. Design details and UI elements will also now be more aligned between desktop, iOS, and Android. New Android users who install the app for the first time will be greeted with a larger font within the app that is more consistent with iOS, and existing users have an option in settings to switch.”

The iOS version of Discord is already written in React Native but now it looks like its Android app is being given the same treatment. Discord notes that prior to this, the Android app would always receive updates after iOS and desktop, resulting in a disparity in the user experience, but the company hopes that this rewrite will make things a lot more consistent.

Discord notes that the changes are being rolled out and that it should eventually reach all of its Android users in the coming weeks.

Source: Discord

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