Xiaomi just beat Apple to the punch with the Mijia AR Glasses


The concept of smart glasses isn’t new. Google was kind of the first to the scene with the Google Glass, even though the project ultimately fizzled out, but in the past few years, many seem to be pretty excited at the prospect of Apple potentially getting into the smart glasses game themselves.

But it looks like Apple will have to take a backseat to Xiaomi as the company has since officially announced the Mijia AR Glasses. Xiaomi actually unveiled the device back in 2021, although back then it was more of a concept. Now with the launch of the Mijia AR Glasses, the company is hoping to make it a reality as they are attempting to crowdfund its production.

The glasses feature the use of silicon-based OLED displays which were made in collaboration with Sony. According to the spec sheet, the displays boast a peak brightness of 3,000 nits and a pixel density of 3,281 PPI, which is pretty insane, but then again with it being so close to your eye, it needs to be tack sharp.

Some of the features of the glasses include the ability to provide real-time translation, and there are also built-in cameras on the side with a 50MP main sensor that features Quad Bayer pixel binning, an 8MP telephoto with OIS, and it can also record video of up to 100 minutes long.

The glasses also come with a 1,020mAh battery that’s good for about 3.3 hours, so it’s not something Xiaomi envisions users wearing all day. Xiaomi is attempting to raise funds for it via Xiaomi Mall and will be priced at CNY2,499 for those who back it, which will later be raised to CNY2,699 when it hits the shelves.


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