Refresh Rate Bug Affects a Number of Galaxy S22 Users


There’s been a lot of ongoing discussion and debate about refresh rates lately, mostly involving phones like the Google Pixel 6a. With that said, it seems that Samsung is going through some rough patches with refresh rates as well, although this time around it seems to be centered around a new device issue with its Galaxy S22 phones.

A report from the folks over at Sammobile points out that a number of Galaxy S22 users have been experiencing problems with the adaptive refresh rate on their devices, particularly when watching or streaming content. There have been complaints that the display switches to a lower refresh rate after brief standby periods, and can be seen when using streaming apps.

The report notes that the phone’s adaptive refresh rate function fails to adapt to the proper refresh rate when playing videos and content on streaming apps like Amazon Prime and Netflix, which causes video playback to visibly stutter. So far though, the issue doesn’t seem too widespread as not many have reported the issue.

For those unfamiliar with the term, “refresh rate” is essentially how smooth your smartphone’s display looks when scrolling through apps or displaying content. Most phones these days feature 90Hz and 120Hz refresh rates, which make for smooth viewing experiences, at the cost of battery efficiency.

Samsung has yet to release a fix for the issue, so any affected users might have to wait a bit for the company to provide a fix.

Source: Sammobile

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