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Watching sports or betting on them is one of the favorite pastimes in the USA. And how could it not be when some of the world’s top competitions come take place on US soil? The NFL is a global phenomenon just like its culminating game the Super Bowl. It’s the most watched sports event in the USA and one of the biggest in the world.

Then there’s the NBA where top-quality basketball action takes place night in and night out for the biggest part of a year. The MLS is popular too, even though soccer is not the biggest sport in the USA. Ice hockey is represented by the NHL, while the Major Baseball League is widely considered the bests in the world.

Many sports are on the American ‘menu’, and TV stations are fighting for video rights. Those are among the most lucrative deals in sports history, with channels paying billions to emit the games. Nothing’s better than watching a game live. Well, going to the arena is, but considering today’s costs, we’ll stick to streams and TV for the time being.

The sports industry in the USA is a juggernaut that won’t slow down. You see those deals for players like Nikola Jokic? Who could have believed that the big boy from Serbia could ever blossom into the highest-paid NBA player? There’s money to be made in sports, and, to be honest, the action is unmatched.

The recent popularity hike for US sports can thank the Internet for it. There have been dozens of great sports apps that not only share news, but also provider betting tips, guides, and even live streams of the games. We do everything on our phones these days, so it makes no sense to wait for the news and learn where Kyrie Irving is traded. You can get that kind of info on your phone immediately via the apps we’ve listed below.

Top Android Sports Apps 2022

Bleacher Report

Is there a more comprehensive sports app on Android right now than Bleacher Report? It’s THE sports app for most fans and runs perfectly well on any Android device. You can download and install it on your phone or tablet from the Play Store and get endless news articles, guides, expert opinions, and more.

What started as a sports news portal grew into something much bigger. The app lets you set your favorite teams from any sport so you can follow their news streams with ease. A new player joining your favorite team? You’ll get a notification on that and probably articles of how he fits in your team.

It may not have odds, but Bleacher Report is among the most downloaded Android sports apps.

Features: Live scored, Videos, instant alerts


ESPN has been around for decades and excels in any media stream, apps included. The official ESPN app is among the most comprehensive for sports them, and even if you disagree with some of the channel’s views, you can’t say it’s a bad app.

It includes live scores from many leagues, has excellent sports coverage, minute-to-minute news, a fantasy sports platform, and a paid streaming service in ESPN+ where you can watch the games live anytime and anywhere. What more could a sports fan need?

Features: Live stats, game highlights, videos & stories

DraftKings Sportsbook

The popular sportsbook has grown into one of the best in the business, if not the actual best betting site. It’s more than just that – it’s a complete sports portal with news and expert opinions that bettors and sports fans will surely find helpful. This is the sports app which has been rated as the number 1 best sports betting app on Gamble USA, and we fully agree.

It may be oriented toward bettors, but let’s be honest? Can anyone resist the temptation of placing even a tiny bet on the Super Bowl?

Features: No-brainer odds, Same game parlays, cash out, live score updates


If we’re rating these apps by looks only, TheScore will win unanimously. It’s got an elegant dark theme and outstanding layout that makes it a fantastic choice for Android fans. Everything’s great under the hood too. The system ensures you never miss set notifications, and you can tailor the whole experience to your preferences.

With up-to-date news and a social component that allows you to chat with others while watching a game, it has distinct features that make it so great. It may have been around for years, but its popularity doesn’t seem to fade away, even with a stream of new Android sports apps.

Features: Personalization, real-time alerts, deep team & player stats

Yahoo Sports

Just like ESPN, Yahoo has been around for quite some time. Its sports portal may not be the best, but the app is pretty comprehensive and constantly updated with news from several reputable streams. Plus, it has updated scores of nearly any league or competition you can think of, ranging from college football and basketball to golf tournaments.

The app has a user-friendly interface, and notifications that you can personalize.

Features: Follow storylines, real-time coverage of every major league


If you’re looking for an app that combines scores with news and latest transfers, Sofascore is the best choice. It’s lightweight, yet pretty detailed under the hood. This isn’t your typical sports app, but Android fans that love to bet on games love it.

While it doesn’t have streams, it lists the channels that emit the game in your area. That’s a useful feature. Plus, you’ve got early lineups, official lineups, news about all games, and notifications that will tell you when a new player signs for your favorite team in an instant. It’s the whole package that any Android sports fan should have installed on their device.

Features: Detailed match updates, team line ups and formations, player ratings


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