Samsung Galaxy S22 unveiled in new Bora Purple color


So we have been hearing for a while now that Samsung is apparently working on a new finish for the Galaxy S22. This new finish is said to be a purple finish, and sure enough Samsung has since officially announced the Galaxy S22 which will now be available in Bora Purple.

The shade of purple is not new to Samsung. The company has tried out various purple finishes in the past, most recently with the Galaxy Z Flip 3 that was available in a Lavender option. According to Samsung, the name Bora Purple is actually based on the “Bora” word in Korea, which stands for purple, so there’s a nod to Samsung’s homebase.

According to Stephanie Choi, EVP and Head of Marketing of MX Business at Samsung Electronics:

“With its pastel and neutral tones, Bora Purple embodies optimism and a sense of calm. It will unfold your world with the power of choice. You don’t need to be a K-pop star or a mythical creature to embody mystery or power, you just need to be yourself. We are excited to introduce Bora Purple, first for the S22 but also for exciting new Galaxy devices later this year.”

That being said, apart from the new color option, the rest of the phone’s specs will remain identical as the other models in the Galaxy S22 lineup. Samsung also notes that the Bora Purple option will be available for purchase on the 10th of August and you can head on over to Samsung’s website for the details.

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