Jul 26th, 2022

Not too long ago, Samsung introduced a brand new camera sensor which packed a whopping 200MP. But it seems that 200MP will pale in comparison to the company’s possible next-gen sensor, which some fans have been speculating could feature an insane 450MP.

This is according to a recent trademark filing where Samsung has applied for the trademark “Hexa2pixel”. As SamMobile has astutely pointed out, this trademark does not mention anything about a camera sensor, nor does it mention anything about a 450MP resolution, but there is a reason for this speculation.

This is because the company’s current 200MP sensor is based on 2×2 or 4×4 Pixel-binning technology, and so the name Hexa2pixel would suggest an upgrade, possibly to 6×6, which would ultimately give the sensor a resolution of 450MP. This is all speculation as Samsung hasn’t confirmed anything yet, but it does make some sense.

We don’t know when Samsung might introduce a 450MP sensor, and to be honest, 450MP is overkill. Megapixel count doesn’t always result in better photos, but it does allow companies to throw numbers into their marketing to make things sound more “grand”. Either way, we wouldn’t necessarily get our hopes up just yet, but what do you think? Would a 450MP sensor be too much?

Source: SamMobile

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