The Galaxy Watch 4’s SpO2 sensor is almost on par with medical tools


Nowadays, it’s not uncommon for smartwatches to come with more advanced health sensors like SpO2 sensors. But in order for smartwatch makers to get their devices past regulatory bodies like the FDA, they’re usually forced to put disclaimers to note that these are not meant to be substitutes to visits to doctors or health professionals.

But it seems that even despite those disclaimers, it turns out that the built-in SpO2 sensor found in the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is apparently good enough that it is comparable to that of medical equipment, or at least that’s what a study published by the National Sleep Foundation’s medical journal Sleep Health has to say.

According to tests conducted as part of the study involving 97 adults with sleep disturbances, it was found that the data captured by the Galaxy Watch 4 was similar to that taken by traditional medical devices, suggesting that the Galaxy Watch 4 could potentially be used as a cheaper and more accessible alternative for those who want to check on their sleeping patterns and habits.

Keep in mind that the study was conducted by the Samsung Medical Center and Samsung Electronics, so it’s not hard to see the angle that Samsung could be going for. Also, given that the study only involved 97 participants, it’s not exactly a very huge or wide study, so that should also be taken into account.

Source: SamMobile

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