T-Mobile agrees to $500 million settlement over 2021 data breach


Some of you might remember that back in 2021, T-Mobile suffered a massive data breach that at that time was predicted to have affected over 100 million people. The breach saw personal information like Social Security numbers, names, and addresses leaked.

Now it looks like the company has agreed to a settlement in the tune of $500 million for what took place. According to the settlement agreement, $350 million out of the total will be paid out to customers who were affected as well as the lawyers who took on the case. The remaining $150 million will be going towards improvements made towards security across T-Mobile’s network that should take place from now until 2023.

Customers who are affected by the data breach will be notified by T-Mobile regarding their settlement, but then again, given how many people were affected by it and how much the lawyers who took the case stand to make, it probably won’t be a particularly huge settlement for individual customers.

Still, a settlement of $500 million is nothing to sneeze at and we’re sure that’s a fair bit of change coming out of T-Mobile’s coffers. Hopefully this will prompt other carriers to double check their security lest they find themselves on a similar receiving end in the future.

Source: Android Authority

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